Chris Kenney


J.D., New England School of Law, 2006
B.A., Saint Michael’s College, 1996
Trial Practice Institute, National Criminal Defense College, 2012

Bar Admissions

  • Massachusetts, 2006
  • United States District Court, Massachusetts, 2013

Membership & Affiliations

  • Suffolk Lawyers for Justice, Inc.
  • Massachusetts Bar Association
  • Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Dorchester Bar Association


I graduated from Boston College High School in 1992 and studied political science at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont. After college, I joined the Laborer’s Union, Local 223 and worked on the “Big Dig.” While working, I went to law school nights. I enjoy playing men’s league hockey, taking my son to hockey and spending time with my family.

Areas of Practice


Personal Injury

I concentrate my practice in all types of personal injury law. Whether it is a slip and fall, car accident, or a construction site accident, I represent individuals who have suffered serious injuries as a result of the negligence of others. I will do my best to ensure that you receive effective medical treatment for your injuries, advise you of your legal rights and obligations, and effectively recover lost wages and/or money for future and lost earning capacity. I do not get paid unless you do! I will do my best to be there to take care of you and your needs.

Civill Litigation

One of the essential aspects of my representation is my experience in the courtroom. I am usually in a court room five days a week. For the most part, negotiated resolutions are usually favored, some cases must proceed to trial. My trial experience allows me to achieve the best possible results for our clients by making persuasive factual arguments. That same litigation experience gives me insight into contract terms that could help you avoid future disputes, thus giving me an invaluable benefit when reviewing or negotiating future agreements.

It is vitally important that your attorney have the knowledge to approach disputes from both sides and look for resolutions that can be achieved in or out of the courtroom. In addition, I have represented clients in administrative hearings at the Department of Industrial Accidents, Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination, Social Security Hearings and the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

I handle a wide range of litigation-related matters everyday which include:

  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Construction Disputes
  • Employment Disputes
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Collections
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Small Claim Matters


Criminal Defense

Good people sometimes have bad days. If you, a family member or a friend one are in need of a criminal defense lawyer, you want an attorney who will zealously advocate on your behalf in order to facilitate a timely and satisfactory result in your defense. The devil is in the details. I thoroughly interview my clients, go to the crime scene, use an experienced private investigator to interview witnesses and take photographs of the crime scene. Criminal cases are often won by effective pre-trial strategy, such as motions to dismiss or suppress evidence. At Maloney & Kenney we work with you to find the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Workers Compensation

An on-the-job injury can severely affect your life as well as the lives of your family, costing you thousands of dollars in lost wages and leaving you with expensive medical bills. The process of securing workers compensation benefits can be stressful and complicated. I can provide you with the legal representation to get you timely and appropriate compensation for your injuries and get your medical bills paid. No case is too small; I take pride in helping injured workers and their families. My fees are contingent on the successful outcome of your case.

Buying and Selling a Home

Whether you currently own a home or are buying your first, coordination and preparation are essential for a smooth and successful closing process. Coordination becomes most important when a current home owner needs the proceeds from the sale of their present home to fund the purchase of a new home. Careful preparation and a thorough understanding of the process,  including the possibility of delay in either a purchase or a sale, can eliminate risk and greatly increase the likelihood that all will go as planned. Involving a real estate attorney to negotiate the deadlines in the purchase and sale agreement can be a great help. I have represented buyers and sellers of first homes, second homes, and vacation homes. The decision to sell a home can be one of the most significant decisions we face during our lives, for both financial and emotional reasons. Long before the closing takes place, it makes sense to consult with a real estate attorney to get an understanding of what a seller must do to ensure a smooth transaction. Lack of planning can lead to a last minute crisis which could delay or prevent the closing.

Homeowners who are beginning the process of listing and selling their home should make several preparations in advance of placing their home on the market. A homeowner’s first resource is often a real estate broker, who can provide several valuable services to an owner, such as advice on pricing, giving the property exposure on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and facilitating access to the property by potential buyers. However, owners should be wary to rely on a broker’s advice regarding the legal aspects of listing a home, making disclosures to the buyer about the condition of the property, and signing any documents relating to the sale of the real estate.

I recommend that sellers consult a real estate lawyer even before they consider accepting an offer on their home, in order to fully understand their rights and obligations related to the disclosure process. Sellers should never approach the offer to purchase as an informal prelude to negotiating and signing a Purchase and Sale Agreement; Offers to Purchase have been interpreted as full and final binding documents depending on the language they contain. Any seller asked to sign an offer must understand the ramifications before doing so.

Social Security Disability

Obtaining Social Security Disability benefits should be a straightforward matter, but nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is the process of securing social security benefits can be extremely complicated and intimidating. I have successfully represented numerous clients seeking social security benefits and have an understanding of the complexities of Social Security laws. I can help you through every stage of the bureaucratic disability approval process including appeals if you have already been initially denied. In many cases, if you are denied benefits at the initial application stage, you may wait years to receive your benefits. I will help you prepare your case and proactively work with your doctors and other healthcare providers to get the medical evidence to support your case.